Think back to the last time you purchased a product and the sales rep said something like, "And this comes with a limited warranty." What was the first thing that popped into your mind? My guess: "What does that mean?" or "so what exactly does that cover?" Some people I'm sure also thought briefly about it, then waved it off thinking "well I will probably never need to take advantage of that so who cares what it means." And some people may have even thought "I know these things and the small print probably voids the warranty itself!" The truth is that when a company offers a warranty, the immediate impression they are trying to make is something like "We stand behind our product!"; and to that end, I believe it is successful. 

So new product in hand you go home, sit down, and enjoy it. While shuffling through all the papers that came with said product, you find that warranty the sales rep mentioned. For whatever reason, you start reading it. The first part, lasting about 2-3 paragraphs, convinces you that you can be at ease knowing your product will be covered and protected by its maker. It works; you feel more relaxed. The next 4 pages of slightly smaller print tells quite a different story. It will say something like, "This warranty does not cover.." proceeded by everything you could possibility think of, or "This warranty is void when..." proceeded by ways in which you planned to use the product. Now you feel angry, almost betrayed. At first you didn't think much about the warranty and now you are beginning to hate the company that made this product and maybe even consider returning it.

This happens to people more times than you think. When someone asks me about the warranty on their countertop purchase, I tend to tense alittle before starting the explanation. Surprisingly, it goes over smoothly! The customer understands what is covered and what the extent is of the warranty before even reading it. Phew! The lesson to be learned: be up front about the small print now, and do not emphasis how incredible and unbelievable the warranty is. You will never here me say, "And this produt is covered for a lifetime! Isn't that great?! you never have to worry about it ever!" It's simply not true. An earthquake rumbles through your area and the countertop cracks. You are not covered and you will have to worry about it. 

I customer recently called to complain that in her engineered stone countertop there was a speck of something she did not anticipate. She took a picture of it and sent it over. There was, in fact, a spot that seemed a little out of place. So now we had to dig through the manufacturers warranty small print to find out if it was large enough to be covered. After twenty minutes of reading and a pair of sore eyes, we found the answer. The speck needed to be larger than the size of a dime for it to be replaced. The speck was large enough and was replaced. Victory! 

The promise: We stand behind our manufacturers' warranties. We are certified to work with all the products we offer. On top of this, we stand behind our installation. If the install is incorrect, we will address it. If the top breaks during installation, we will take care of it. Is there small print lingering behind the scenes to everything I just wrote? Yep. So ask us about it! Every warranty comes with small print. period. But if the day comes when you see a dime-sized speck glaring at you from the countertop, you'll be happy you had that warranty. 


DuPont, LG, Samsung, IceStone, PaperStone, etc. come with warranties covering their products.