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PaperStone is a composite material created by recycled paper or cardboard bonded together by resins derived from cashew oil and other organic materials and is a new product to the world of countertops. PaperStone offers a unique take on solid surface in a market generally dominated by acrylic based solid surfaces, while still providing a comparable product in terms of performance. PaperStone boasts excellent scratch and chip resistance, color stability and superior heat resistance that more then competes with its plastic based counterparts. PaperStone is also confident in their product offering a 15 year Warranty, ensuring peace of mind with your decision to go green.

PaperStone offers three series of PaperStone products. The Original Series is made from %100 post-consumer recycled cardboard. The Certified Series is made from %100 post-consumer recycled office paper. And the Virgin Series is made from virgin fiber. These color selections offer attractive earthy tones that bring a distinctive look to a room, offering a unique appearance and complimenting any room design.

The most prominent feature of PaperStone, however, is how environmentally friendly it is along every level of production. PaperStone bears more environmentally friendly certifications and acknowledgements then any other comparable product. From the Rainforest Alliance and the FSC, to Cradle to Cradle certification and membership with the U.S Green Building Council, PaperStone and its manufacturer Paneltech represent the model of an environmentally friendly product and company. Although more then just their manufacturing practices, PaperStone brings a “green” aesthetic to the table in a way that other green products do not.

At times, one gets the impression that other green products are, in a way, imitators of their traditional progenitors. Green products like recycled glass materials, while beautiful, can appear to be too similar to quartz or other stones, and also happen to be “green”. This is not to say anything negative about the quality of these products, but it does speak to what will be, for most people, the deciding factor in their decision to purchase PaperStone over another surface. PaperStone is through and through a natural product and the aesthetic of the material bears that out. Put another way, PaperStone feels “green” in a way that other products do not. The “green” ethos is apparent within the look of the product itself, not just in the practice of creating it.

The result of such an authentically “natural” product is evident in the look of the product as a whole. PaperStone has a very distinctly different feel then most surfaces. While beautiful in its own right, it is certainly different then that of stone, quartz or glass-based surfaces. Ultimately, PaperStone will appeal most strongly to those with a tendency towards a “natural” aesthetic, attracting those in search of an earth toned, soft color palette meant to impart an aura of peace and serenity in an otherwise busy and demanding world. And you can check out all their available colors on our website and also get a free quote on them as well.

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