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LG Viatera

Within the last several years, stone has become a strong presence in the countertop industry. Although granite and marble has been the most commonly known natural stones, there are other stone materials that are quickly rising in popularity. Most notably has been the introduction of engineered stones, such as quartz. Quartz surfaces are comprised of about 95% quartz engineered together, creating a beautiful array of colors and designs with many benefits that natural stones lack. When people think of granite, many are aware of its high maintenance attributes particularly sealing, staining, bacteria, pitting, etc; this is not the case with quartz. Quartz countertops boast as a low maintenance stone with no sealing required and GreenGuard certification.


Thanks to advances is engineering and technology, quartz surfaces are manufactured to be nonporous materials similar to Corian or other solid surfaces. What this eliminates is the afore mentioned problems which plague natural stones like granite. No more do you have to worry about any chemicals emitting from your countertop, any stains from spilt wine or ink, any buildup of bacteria or mold, or any tedious sealing every 12 months. It also removes the need to worry about consistence within colors; engineered stones are remarkably known to be color consistent from the sample you see at the store, to the countertop installed in your home. These are all aspects which have been taken into consideration when quartz was awarded GreenGuard certification. In other words, a quartz countertop is an environmentally friendly surface in your home, and what you see is what you get.



Oro Noir Viatera

There are also several brands of engineered quartz countertops out there, all with their unique colors and warranties; one of which is LG Viatera. It promotes the only 15-year, fully transferable warranty and carries a name of growing and continued success in many industries. With a versatile 22 color lineup complete with many patterns and designs, LG Viatera proffers to even the most demanding of consumers enough options to compliment any space, whether it be a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom application. Backed by a strong, well known name, an impressive warranty, and numerous color options, LG Viatera has made its product known in the industry and will be a strong presence in millions of homes in the years to come.