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LG Hi-Macs

LG Hi-Macs is a solid surface akin to Dupont Corian. Its reputation as a countertop material is evidenced by many years of application and continuing success in the countertop industry. LG Hi-Macs boasts an impressive 15 year warranty which can be transferred from one owner to another. And what makes their warranty and customer service valuable is that with a corporation as large as LG, they have a notable history of growth and a respectable name to back their entire product line from cell phones and cosmetics, to countertops. LG Hi-Macs has been and will be a leading countertop material for many years to come.



LG Hi-Macs, like many other solid surfaces, is a nonporous, low maintenance, GreenGuard certified product which is known for its durability and vast color options. These color options can be broken down into three product lines: LG Hi-Macs, LG Volcanic Collection, and LG Eden Collection. LG Hi-Macs carries the traditional acrylic solid surface colors from the solids, to the many patterned and textured colors. LG Volcanic Collection introduces large translucent chips embedded in the material, creating a unique ‘volcanic’ appearance bound to catch the eye. LG Eden Collection takes the next step in an already environmentally friendly material by adding recycled content, making this collection a beautiful ‘green’ option aimed to please any green-conscious mind. Throughout all these different colors and collections, one is certain to find a color that would compliment and perfect any interior design.