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Green: once known as a color has now become even more known as a movement. The 21st century ushered in the era of being “green” with a surge of attention toward keeping our planet clean and safe for future generations. And while much of the news covered the green possibilities in renewable resources and fuel alternatives, a growing consciousness is rising when it comes to the places we spend most our time in: our homes. Many organizations are cracking down on common household appliances and building materials making sure the American population is educated and made aware of what things can cause human damage and what materials cause environmental damage. For example, in the modern home, what was popular to have carpeting on all floors has now been replaced with wood floors, primarily due to the “green” movement. At the present, the goal of our society is to make people aware of environmentally damaging things, and to move in a direction where going “green” is popular, rewarding, and practical.

What is receiving a lot of attention in the media today has been countertops. One such application of this is called IceStone. IceStone is a 100% recycled glass countertop mixed and bound together by concrete. And what makes this particular material a highly desirable “green” item is its Cradle to Cradle Gold Certification. Summarily, this material is environmentally safe in the home, completely composed of recycled material, and produced in an environmentally friendly way. Not only that, but it is a staple of the “green” era, a completely unique look, and a beautiful addition to any home. IceStone comes in many colors and several different designs, but all of them sparkle and reflect the inherent splendor of what it means to “go green”. IceStone is great for both kitchen countertop applications and bathroom vanity applications.

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