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clock May 26, 2012 23:03 by author mtemple

Replacement Counters has served the online countertop community for many years. During this time, we have offered home owners many resources to find the best option for their countertop needs. And during this time, we have made sure to keep in touch with social media venues you most frequently visit. We have offered online resources via our website and this blog. We've posted on Facebook. We've tweeted on Twitter

And now Replacement Counters is happy to share with you several other places to find us! So as you browse the many profiles and accounts you possess online, you can easily find us on the following platforms you already have accounts under:

Google+ - Got swept up in the Google takeover and all it has to offer? So did we!

Houzz - Always wondered what other people are doing to their homes? So do we. Check out this new platform for just that!

LinkedIn - Are you interested in a more professional platform to connect with us? Then do it here!

YouTube - Videos for all things countertop! 

Pinterest (coming soon) 


And of course you can always check out the many articles and information found on our blog and our website,!

LG Hi Macs Desert Sand Countertop

clock August 24, 2010 22:03 by author mtemple

This beautiful countertop application was done in LG Hi-Macs. The color used is Desert Sand.

Bisque Corian Laundry Room Countertop

clock August 2, 2010 22:08 by author mtemple

This customer decided they wanted a Corian countertop in their laundry room. They went with the color Bisque and made a special request for the thickness of the edge to be 1 inch instead of 1.5 inches which is the norm. The customer also had another countertop on the opposite side of the room also done in Bisque. The last step for this project is to fix some of the tile which needed to be removed for install.