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Santa Cecilia Kitchen Countertop Install

clock August 23, 2010 21:59 by author mtemple

This countertop was installed using the granite color Santa Cecilia. As you can see there is some movement with this stone so the direction of the pattern can be important.

Bump Outs On a Granite Countertop

clock August 4, 2010 22:31 by author mtemple

The corners of this beautiful granite island countertop have what are called bump outs. Bump outs are a custom request on a countertop which will bring up the price of your countertop slightly. They are normally requested because it will match the layout of the cabinets below.


Unique Shaped Island Countertop

clock August 2, 2010 20:56 by author mtemple

Check out this unique shaped island. Talk about major league counter space. This beautiful top as well as the rest of the kitchen was done in granite. It is hard to avoid not putting a seam in a countertop that big. Granite slabs only come so big.