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Yellow Tiger Granite Countertop Install

clock September 2, 2010 00:53 by author mtemple

This beautiful granite countertop was done in the color Yellow Tiger. This is not a color that is in our standard offering but it is easier to do custom colors for kitchen applications that have better slab utilization.

Black Absolute Granite Countertop

clock August 17, 2010 20:19 by author mtemple

There is no deeper contrasting color combination than black and white. This kitchen was done in Black Absolute Granite with a bullnose edge. The countertops are a bold statement in this very white kitchen. The black on the top of the stove was a good color decision.  

Giallo Veneziano Kitchen Countertop Install

clock August 17, 2010 20:04 by author mtemple

Now that is a big kitchen!! No shortage of countertop space here. The color picked for this project was Giallo Veneziano a color that is very popular amongst new homeowners.