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Custom Corian Backsplash

clock July 9, 2010 20:53 by author mtemple

It is important when you are considering replacing your countertop to make sure you match the backsplash of your exisitng tiles if you have them. The nice think about Corian is the backsplash can almost be any size while other materials like granite can only be so thin without a high potential for breaking.

Dupont Corian Granola Kitchen Countertop

clock July 1, 2010 17:48 by author mtemple

This customer decided to go with a Dupont Corian Granola kitchen countertop. Top includes a 3 inch backsplash which is standard for Corian. The sink is a #871 Glacier White sink. The edge that was selected was an large ogee.

Sahara Corian Kitchen Countertop

clock June 1, 2010 18:46 by author mtemple

We just installed this beautiful new Sahara Corian countertop. Customer is also going to be getting a full height backsplash. It is important to first install the new countertop so we can get accurate measurements. We will be returning in a few days to install that backsplash