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Sunflower Gold Granite Countertop

clock July 30, 2010 23:41 by author mtemple

The job above is a kitchen countertop done in the color Sunflower Gold. This beautiful color matches well with the cabinet below. The customer will still waiting on their stove to be delivered.

Glacier White Corian with Vessel Sinks

clock July 30, 2010 22:58 by author mtemple

So you may be thinking to yourself.....Wow! those people must have some really small hands if they are going to wash their hands in sinks that small. Well actually these holes have been preped in this Glacier White Corian countertop for two Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks rest on top of the countertop, not underneath.

Drop-In Vanity Bowl In Corian

clock July 30, 2010 22:42 by author mtemple

This customer decided to go with a drop-in vanity bowl (also know as a top mount) in their Corian countertop. Their are some cost savings for going with a drop-in bowl.