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Granite Installed Around a Stove

clock May 29, 2010 18:39 by author mtemple

Pictured above is a Giallo Veneziano granite countertop installed nicely around a range stove. The edges of the countertop are nicely finished. The edges along the stove will not be left rough but they will not need an edge. This allows the countertop to fit nicely up against the appliance.

Riviera Corian Kitchen Countertop

clock May 25, 2010 18:59 by author mtemple

This job was done in Riviera Corian. Customer also went with an #872 Corian sink. Cardboard is added after installation to help protect the countertop if other work is being done.

Are Slate Countertops the Right Choice?

clock May 25, 2010 01:23 by author mtemple

Slate is certainly a beautiful countertop option and offers a unique look. In the world of chemical testing slate has often been used as labratory countertops due to its ability to resist chemicals. However, most of us are not using our kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities for sceintific experiments.

The downside to slate is that it is softer than granite and is not as able to resist scratches and abrasion like granite. You will want to use a cutting board with this product. As a whole we would not recommend this surface for kitchen use.