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Seam Locations

clock October 20, 2009 20:34 by author mtemple

Seam location in stone counters (i.e. granite countertops and quartz countertops like Zodiaq and Silestone) is often up to the discretion of the fabricator. We strive to make the placement in the most aesthetically pleasing location based upon job size, slab irregularities (this is mainly with natural stones) and edge style. With Hi Macs and Corian countertops the seam locations should not be visible.

The following are some basic guidelines:

Butt Seam (pictured below) : Used primarily for Eased (square) and Bevel Edges. No inside radius. This option may also need to be used for the best yield of a slab.

Masons Miter (pictured below) : Used primarily for Bullnose and Half Bullnose Edges. No inside radius.

Offset Seam (pictured below) : Used Primarily for Ogee Edges. Has approximately 3" inside radius.

Miter Seams (pictured below) : Used for counters with angle less than 90 degrees. Has no inside radius.








Custom Options for Solid Surface Only

clock October 20, 2009 20:15 by author mtemple

Below are a list of custom options that are only available in Solid Surface:

Integrated Bowl - The bowl and the surface are the countertop are fused together so that you do not have a gap between the two for dirt to build up.


Coved Backsplash - Opposite of a loose backsplash, a coved backsplash means the the surface and the backsplash are fused together to from a continous look to your countertop. This option is extemely popular for vanities.


Connecting Apron: Although other surfaces can have an apron attached, solid surface allows a continous look with no visible seams and can often extend further than other surfacing options.

Drip Edge - A drip edge is a small lip on the front edge of a countertop that can help prevent water spillage and/or prevent small items from rolling off the top in work area applications.

Tile Acceptor - A tile acceptor is a small coved incline on the back of a countertop surface against a wall that meets the tiles on the back wall. This application helps prevent dirt a grim from building up in the grout between the top and the tile.

Brand names for solid surface countertops include, Dupont Corian and LG Hi Macs.





Dupont Corian Lilac

clock October 12, 2009 17:55 by author mtemple

The Dupont Corian(r) color Lilac is beautiful color that you will not find in many other countertop colors. It is a great color for people with unique designs. It is also a good color for girl's rooms.