Many customers call in on a regular basis looking to replace their old laminate countertop with something cutting edge, cotemporary, and green. Recycled glass countertops like IceStone and Vetrazzo receive a lot of attention in the media, and rightly so! Products like these have earned their right to be known as green alternatives and an excellent choice as a countertop material. Going green and doing your part to keep our planet clean is a worthy, noble, and respectable cause!

When customers call in looking for eco-friendly materials, we direct them to our green options. However, very few people actually end up with these green materials. So you might ask, “If these materials are so beautiful and green, why wouldn’t people go with this material?!” The simple answer: price. Green materials, which not only are green in material composition, but are also green in production (also known as Cradle to Cradle), are not cheap to manufacture! This means, unfortunately, that to go green may not be in your budget. If it is, I highly encourage you to go green. Not only is it the respectable thing to do, it’s popular, desirable, and many colors are absolutely stunning.

So you might think to yourself at this point, “Well, now I know I may not be able to afford the material I’ve heard so much about and am completely sold on, how does this relate to the discussion topic of going green within a budget?” Well I’m happy to say that while you may not be able to afford these particular green materials, there are alternatives out there! Many manufacturers of traditionally non-green materials have looked in to offering their own recycled line of colors, and with much success! And while they all may not be 100% green, it is still a great alternative to going green while getting a tried and true material. And these alternatives are all GreenGuard Certified.

Many well known materials, like solid surface and Quartz, have their own recycled lines, which successfully integrate going green without breaking the bank. DuPont, a major manufacturer of solid surface (Corian) and quartz (Zodiaq) materials, offer what they call their Terra Collection. CaesarStone, an innovative and leading Quartz manufacturer, have a few colors containing recycled mirror shards which really show off the green aspect of these colors. LG, another big player in solid surface (Hi-Macs) and Quartz (Viatera) materials, carries their Eden Collection in Hi-Macs, which if solid surface is the way your leaning, there is certainly a color in this collection that will catch your eye. And these are just a few alternatives to put you in the right direction; there are so many more!

It is relieving to know when customers come to look for green products which they end up not being able to afford, they do not have to leave empty handed. And while even going green with these alternatives will cost you more than their traditional color options, it is still within a reasonable price range. To make it easy to find these alternative colors, we marked all the recycled colors on our website for you. So while browsing the various materials and vast amount of colors we have to offer you at, keep an eye for an asterisk which indicates that that color contains recycled content. And keep in mind, you can request a free quote which will give you a price comparison of everything so you can pick a color right for you that’s practical, desirable, and affordable!