As of the beginning of May, has begun offering LG Surfacing products to its line of countertops. LG has surface options in both quartz and solid surface. Their quartz line is under the brand name of Viatera(r) and their solid surface brand is Hi Macs(r). Both brands offer a wide range of color options and in some cases offer competitive prices to colors within like product lines.

Viatera(r) was introduced by LG in 2005 as a new quartz line to the industry. Viatera is manurfactured in Italy and like other quartz products mimics the look of natural stone without the maintenance requirements of a marble or granite. Like all of the LG countertop surfaces, Viatera is backed by a 15 year transferable warranty. It comes in 22 colors available in 3CM (aprox. 1 - 1/4") thickness for use in horizontal and vertical applications.

The product Hi Macs® by LG came into the market in 1995. It is a solid surface product that can be used in home and commercial applications. Hi Macs® comes in a wide variety of colors, including its unique VOLCANICS line, introduced in 2003, with translucent larger particulates. In 2007, LG also introduced another line to its Hi Macs® brand called the EDEN collection, a unique line of colors that are also made from 12 and 19 percent recycled content. This new line of colors received certification from GreenGuard. To this day LG remains committed to providing a unique product with great performance benefits.